1910 - 1919

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Geheimnisvolle Streichholzdose/Mysterious Matchbox (Imperial Germany)

The Clown and his Donkey (Britain)

Piękna Lukanida/The Beautiful Leukanida (Lithuania)


Little Nemo

Animated Putty (Britain)

By the Light of the Moon


How a Mosquito Operates

The Cameraman's Revenge (Russian Empire)

The Wooden Athlete (Britain)


The Grasshopper and the Ant/The Dragonfly and the Ant (Russian Empire)

The Insects' Christmas (Russian Empire)

The Dachshund and the Sausage/The Artist's Dream

Old Doc Yak

Old Doc Yak and the Artist's Dream

Old Doc Yak's Christmas

Colonel Heeza Liar in Africa


Colonel Heeza Liar's African Hunt

Gertie the Dinosaur

Bully Boy (Britain)

Doc Yak, Moving Picture Artist

Doc Yak Cartoonist

Doc Yak the Paultryman

Doc Yak's Temperance Lecture

Doc Yak the Marksman

Doc Yak Bowling

Doc Yak's Zoo

Doc Yak and the Limited Train

Doc Yak's Wishes

Doc Yak's Bottle

Doc Yak's Cats

Doc Yak Paly Golf

Doc Yak and Santa Claus

Colonel Heeza Liar Shipwrecked

Colonel Heeza Liar in Mexico

Colonel Heeza Liar, Farmer

Colonel Heeza Liar, Explorer

Colonel Heeza Liar in the Wilderness

Colonel Heeza Liar, Naturalist

The Police Dog


Colonel Heeza Liar at The Bat

He Resolves Not to Smoke

Colonel Heeza Liar Foils The Enemy

Keeping Up With the Joneses:

The Lily of Belgium (Russian Empire)

Studdy's War Cartoons (Britain):

Doc in the Ring

Doc the Ham Actor

Colonel Heeza Liar, Ghost Breaker

Colonel Heeza Liar In The Haunted Castle

The Police Dog No. 2

Colonel Heeza Liar Runs The Blockade

The Police Dog No. 3

Colonel Heeza Liar And The Torpedo

Colonel Heeza Liar And The Zeppelin

The Police Dog No. 4

Colonel Heeza Liar Signs The Pledge

Colonel Heeza Liar In The Trenches

Colonel Heeza Liar at The Front

Colonel Heeza Liar, Aviator

Colonel Heeza Liar Invents A New King Of Shell

The Police Dog No. 5

Colonel Heeza Liar, Dog Fancier

The Police Dog Gets Piffles In Bad

Colonel Heeza Liar, War Dog

Pool Sharks

The Police Dog to the Rescue

Down on the Phoney Farm

Colonel Heeza Liar, Nature Faker

Bobby Bumps Gets Pa's Goat

Bobby Bumps Adventures


Bobby Bumps at the Circus

Bobby Bumps and the Stork

He Buys a Jitney

Krazy Kat, Bugologist

Krazy Kat Goes A-Wooing

Mary and Gretel

Never Again! The Story of a Speeder Cop

The Phable of the Busted Romance

The Phable of the Phat Woman

Professor Bonehead is Shipwrecked

Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse at the Circus

What Next (Propaganda - Britain)

Leap Year

Domestic Difficulties

Colonel Heeza Liar's Waterloo

Police Dog On the Wire

Farmer Al Falfa's Catastrophe

Introducing Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse

Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse Believe in Signs

Krazy Kat & Ignatz Mouse Discuss the Letter 'G'

Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse: A Duet, He Made Me Love Him

Colonel Heeza Liar And The Pirates

Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse in Their One-Act Tragedy: "The Tail of the Nude Tail"

Farmer Al Falfa Invents a New Kite

Krazy Kat Demi-Tasse

Krazy Kat Invalid

Police Dog Turns Nurse

Krazy Kat at the Switchboard

A Tale That is Knot

Farmer Al Falfa's Scientific Diary

Krazy Kat the Hero

Krazy Kat to the Rescue

Colonel Heeza Liar Wins The Pennant

Police Dog in the Park

Colonel Heeza Liar Captures Villa

Farmer Al Falfa and his Tentless Circus

Working Out with the Police Dog

Krazy Kat at Looney Park

Colonel Heeza Liar And The Bandits

Farmer Al Falfa's Watermelon Patch

A Tempest in a Paint Pot

Colonel Heeza Liar's Courtship

Farmer Al Falfa's Egg-Citement

Colonel Heeza Liar On Strike

Colonel Heeza Liar Plays Hamlet

Colonel Heeza Liar Bachelor Quarters

Farmer Al Falfa's Wolfhound

Farmer Al Falfa Sees New York

Colonel Heeza Liar Gets Married

Farmer Al Falfa's Prune Plantation

Colonel Heeza Liar, Hobo

The Missing One

Farmer Al Falfa's Blind Pig

Colonel Heeza Liar at The Vaudeville Show

Krazy Kat Takes Little Katrina For an Airing



A Trip to the Moon

Bobby Bumps' Fourth

Colonel Heeza Liar On The Jump

The Dinosaur and the Missing Link—A Prehistoric Tragedy

Namakura_Gatana aka Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanban no Maki (Empire of Japan)

Kaiser (Brazil)

Throwing the Bull

Roses and Thorns

Colonel Heeza Liar, Spy Dodger

Robbers and Thieves

Iska Worreh

Abie Kabibble Outwitting His Rival

The Cook

Farmer Al Falfa's Wayward Pup

Moving Day

Some Barrier

All Is Not Gold That Glitters

Namakura Gatana (Empire of Japan)

His Trial

A Krazy Katastrophe

Colonel Heeza Liar's Temperance Lecture

El Apóstol (Argentina)


Bobby and Fido on the Doughnut Trail

Bobby Bumps Puts a Beanery on the Bum

Bobby Bumps' Disappearing Gun

Bobby Bumps' Fight

Policy and Pie

The Tantalizing Fly

Urashima Tarō (Empire of Japan)

W.S.S. Thriftettes

The Lily of Belgium (Russian Empire)

Sin dejar rastros (Argentina;  presumed lost)

The Pinkerton Pup's Portrait

The Sinking of the Lusitania


AWOL—All Wrong Old Laddiebuck (Propaganda - US Army)

Bobby and the Hypnotic Eye

Das Ornament des Verliebten Herzens/The Ornament of the Lovestruck Heart (Weimar Republic)

How Animated Cartoons Are Made

The Breath of a Nation

Oh'phelia (a Cartoon Burlesque)

Farmer Al Falfa at the Bath

Some Sleeper

Feline Follies

The Musical Mews

Farmer Al Falfa Solves the High Cost of Living

The Adventures of Felix