1920 - 1929

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A Fitting Gift

Gettin One Over/Yes Dear

Love's Labor Lost

The Chinamen

The Ouija Board

The Clown's Little Brother

Farmer Al Falfa Goes A-Hunting

The Great Cheese Robbery

A Frolic with Felix

The Debut of Thomas Cat

Felix the Big Game Hunter

The Best Mouse Loses

Wrecking a Romeo

The Bone of Contention

Felix the Food Controller

Felix the Pinch Hitter

Foxy Felix

Kats Is Kats

A Hungry Hoodoo

Cheating the Piper

The Great Cheese Robbery

The Chinese Honeymoon

Felix and the Feed Bag

Nifty Nurse

Frolics at the Circus

My Hero

A Family Affair

Felix the Landlord

Felix's Fish Story

The Animal Aviators

A Cat's Life

Wonders of the Deep


Joys and Glooms

Newman Laugh-O-Grams

Opus I (Weimar Republic)

Opus II (Weimar Republic)

The First Circus

Invisible Ink

Rhythmus 21 (Weimar Republic)


Aesop's Fables:

Running a Cinema (Britain)

The Six-armed Image (Britain)

The Centaurs

The Hinges on the Bar Room Door

The Awful Spook

How I Became Krazy

Felix the Gay Dog

Down on the Farm

The Wireless Wire-Walkers

Cleaning Up!!?

Kansas City Girls Are Rolling Their Own Now

Did You Ever Take a Ride over Kansas City Street 'in a Fliver'

Kansas City's Spring Clean-up

Felix the Hypnotist

Free Lunch

Felix Goes on Strike

Felix Out of Luck

The Love Punch

Felix Left at Home

The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

Mice Council

The Rooster and the Eagle

The Ants and the Grasshopper

Cats at Law

The Lioness and the Eggs

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

The Cat and the Canary

The Fox and the Crow

The Donkey in the Lion's Skin

Mice at War

The Hare and Frogs

The Fashionable Fox

The Hermit and the Bear

The Hare and the Tortoise

The Wolf and the Crane

The Fox and the Goat

Venus and the Cat

The Frog and the Ox

The Dog and the Bone

The Cat and the Monkey

The Owl and the Grasshopper

The Fly and the Ant

The Frogs that Wanted a King

The Conceited Donkey

The Wolf and the Kid

The Wayward Dog


Aschenputtel/Cinderella (Weimar Republic)

Bobby Bumps Starts for School



Der Fliegende Koffer/The Flying Suitcase (Weimar Republic)

Felix in the Swim

Felix Lends a Hand

Felix Saves the Day

Felix Turns the Tide

Jack the Giant Killer

Les Grenouilles Qui Demandent Un Roi/The Frogs Who Wanted a King (France)

Little Red Riding Hood

Puss in Boots

The Black Duck

The Four Musicians of Bremen

The Stone Age/Felix in the Bone Age

The Ocean Hop

Tommy Tucker's Tooth

Felix Minds the Kid

Mechanical Doll/Dresden Doll

Aesop's Fables:

Chemistry Lesson

Shuzhendong Chinese Typewriter (Republic of China)

The Farmer and the Ostrich

Magic Boots

Felix at the Fair

Felix Makes Good

Die Grundlagen der Einsteinschen Relativitäts-Theorie (Weimar Republic)

Felix All at Sea

The Farmer and the Cat

Felix in Love

The Mad Locomotive

Felix Finds a Way 

Felix Gets Revenge

Jack and the Beanstalk

Felix Wakes Up 

The Two of a Trade

Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

Felix Fifty-Fifty

Felix Comes Back

Felix on the Trail

Felix Gets Left

Colonel Heeza Liar's Treasure Island


Alice's Wonderland

Felix the Ghost Breaker

Felix Revolts

Felix in Hollywood

Felix in Fairyland

Colonel Heeza Liar, Detective

Felix Gets Broadcasted

Colonel Heeza Liar's Forbidden Fruit

Rythmus 23 (Weimar Republic)

Aesop's Fables:

Day at the Park


On the Air

Wedding Bells

Colonel Heeza Liar And The Ghost

Felix Win's Out

The Einstein Theory of Relativity

The Traveling Salesman

Farmer Al Falfa's Bride

Colonel Heeza Liar's Burglar

One Hard Pull

Day by Day in Every Way

Felix Tries for Treasure

Amateur Night on the Ark


Felix Calms His Conscience

Felix the Globe Trotter

Colonel Heeza Liar In The African Jungles

Felix Strikes it Rich

Colonel Heeza Liar In Uncle Tom's Cabin

Marathon Dancer

Colonel Heeza Liar's Vacation

Felix Laughs Last

Felix and the Radio

The Movie Daredevil

Farmer Al Falfa's Pet Cat

Felix Fills a Shortage

Colonel Heeza Liar, Strikebreaker

Felix the Goat-Getter

Felix Goes A-Hunting


Alice and the Three Bears

Alice Gets in Dutch

Alice's Day at Sea

Alice's Spooky Adventure

Alice's Wild West Show

Alice's Fishy Story

Felix All Puzzled

Felix All Balled Up

Felix Doubles for Darwin

Felix Finds Out

Felix Gets the Can

Felix Goes West

Colonel Heeza Liar's Knighthood

Opus III (Weimar Republic)

Trip to Mars

Interplanetary Revolution (Soviet Union)

Soviet Toys (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Aesop's Fables:

Felix Out of Luck

Felix Loses Out

Colonel Heeza Liar's Mysterious Case

Felix 'Hyps' the Hippo

Felix Crosses the Crooks

Felix Tries to Rest

Colonel Heeza Liar's Ancestor

Felix Cashes In

Felix Fairy Tales

Colonel Heeza Liar, Sky Pilot

Felix Pinches the Pole

Felix Puts it Over

Colonel Heeza Liar, Daredevil

A Friend in Need

Felix Baffled by Banjos

Felix Finds 'Em Fickle

Alice and the Dog Catcher

Colonel Heeza Liar's Horseplay

Felix Brings Home the Bacon

Alice the Peacemaker

Colonel Heeza Liar, Cave Man

Felix Minds His Business

Colonel Heeza Liar, Bull Thrower

Felix Grabs His Grub

Colonel Heeza Liar The Lyin' Tamer

The Cat and the Magnet

Colonel Heeza Liar's Romance

Alice Hunting in Africa

Colonel Heeza Liar, Nature Faker

Felix Goes Hungry

She's In Again

Alice the Piper

Felix Finishes First


The Cookie Carnival

Alice Cans the Cannibals

Alice the Toreador

Alice in the Jungle

Alice Loses Out

Alice Gets Stage Struck

Alice Wins the Derby

Alice Gets Stung

Alice Solves the Puzzle

Alice Picks the Champ

Alice's Tin Pony

Alice Chops the Suey

Alice the Jail Bird

Alice Rattled by Rats

Alice's Egg Plant

China in Flames (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Results of the 13th Party Congress of Cooperation (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Archie the Ant:

Mouse's Tale

Aesop's Fables:

Felix Wins and Loses

Felix Follows the Swallows

In Dutch

Jungle Bike Riders

Felix Rests in Peace

Felix Gets His Fill

Felix Full O' Fight

Felix Outwits Cupid

Opus IV (Germany)

Felix Monkeys with Magic

Felix Cops the Prize

The Window Washers

Felix Dopes it Out

Felix the Cat Trifles with Time

Ugly Duckling

Felix the Cat Busts into Business

Felix the Cat Trips thru Toyland

Closer Than a Brother

\Felix the Cat on the Farm

Alice Plays Cupid

Eats are West

Felix the Cat Tries the Trades

Felix the Cat at the Rainbow's End

Felix the Cat Kept on Walking

Bobby Bumps and Company


Alice on the Farm

Alice's Balloon Race

Alice's Orphan

Alice's Little Parade

Alice in the Wooly West

Alice the Fire Fighter

Anemic Cinema (France)

Koko's Queen

Aesop's Fables:

Coast To Coast

The Huntsman

Felix the Cat Spots the Spook

Felix the Cat Flirts with Fate

The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Weimar Republic)

Felix the Cat in Blunderland

Alice's Mysterious Mystery

Felix the Cat Fans the Flames

Felix the Cat Laughs it Off

Felix the Cat Weathers the Weather

Felix the Cat Uses His Head

Felix the Cat Misses the Cue

Felix the Cat Braves the Briny

A Tale of Two Kitties

Felix the Cat Scoots Through Scotland

Felix the Cat Rings the Ringer

School Daze

Jungle Sports

Felix the Cat Seeks Solitude

Felix the Cat Misses His Swiss

Gym Gems

Two-Lip Time

Scrambled Yeggs

Alice Charms the Fish

Dog Gone

A Knight Out

Why Argue

Felix the Cat Shatters the Sheik

Alice's Monkey Business

Felix the Cat Hunts the Hunter

Land O' Fancy

Buck Fever

Through Thick and Thin

Felix the Cat Bursts a Bubble

Alice Cuts the Ice

Reverse English

Alice Helps the Romance

Felix the Cat Trumps the Ace

Alice's Spanish Guitar

Felix the Cat Collars the Button

Alice's Brown Derby

Alice the Lumberjack

Zoo Logic

Where Friendship Ceases


Alice's Circus Daze

The Non-Stop Fright

Great Guns!

Now You're Talking

Oh, Teacher

We'll Keep Our Eyes Peeled (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Alice the Whaler

Tako No Hone/How the Octopus Lost its Skeleton (Empire of Japan)

Giro the Germ (Britain)

Aesop's Fables:

Felix the Cat Dines and Pines

Alice the Golf Bug


Alice Foils the Pirates

Stars in Stripes

Icy Eyes

Alice at the Carnival

Alice at the Rodeo

Cracked Ice

Felix the Cat Sees 'Em in Season

Alice the Collegiate

Barn Yarns

Alice in the Alps

Germ Mania

Alice's Auto Race

Sax Appeal

Eye Jinks

Alice's Knaughty Knight

When Snow Flies

One Man Dog


Alice's Three Bad Eggs

Felix the Cat Ducks His Duty

Alice's Picnic


Alice's Channel Swim


Alice in the Klondike

Art for Heart's Sake

Alice's Medicine Show

The Travel-Hog

Small Town Sheriff

Jack From All Trades

Alice the Beach Nut

A Hole In One

Alice in the Big League

Wise Guise

Trolley Troubles

Flim Flam Films

Oh Teacher

Felix the Cat Switches Witches

The Mechanical Cow

No Fuelin'

Daze and Knights

All Wet

Uncle Tom's Crabbin'

The Ocean Hop

Whys and Other Whys

The Banker's Daughter

Felix the Cat Hits the Deck

Empty Socks

Felix the Cat Behind in Front

Rickety Gin


Steamboat Willie

Sure Locked Homes


Rival Romeos

Plane Crazy

Rube Goldberg with Boob McNutt and Fontaine Fox with the Toonerville Trolley (1928)

Aesop's Fables:


Jungle Fool

The Big Burg

Bosko the Talk-Ink kid

The Night Club


Tuning In

A Close Call

Skating Hounds

The Fly's Bride

House Cleaning Time

Custard Pies

Presto Chango

Wood Choppers

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Soviet Union)


Kobu Tori/The Stolen Lump (Empire of Japan)