1940 - 1949

IF YOU:   



Little Lambkins

Ants in the Plants

Mr. Elephant Goes to Town

Ali Baba Bound

The Timid Toreador

Porky's Last Stand

Porky's Hired Hand

Joe Glow the Firefly

Subbed by a Snob

Lethal Tweetment/A Boy, a Gun, and Birds

King for a Day

The Early Worm Gets the Bird

A Kick In Time

Me Feelins is Hurt

The Greyhound and the Rabbit

Der Störenfried/The Troublemaker (Propaganda - Nazi Germany)

The Milky Way

Controls for Victory (Propaganda - Canada)

Run Adolf Run (Propaganda - Britain)


The Quack Infantry Troop/Duck Land Force (Propaganda - Empire of Japan)

Goodbye, Mr. Germ

The Snow Man

Wise Owl


Meet John Doughboy (Propaganda - United States)

Princess Iron Fan (Republic of China)

The Vultures (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Boogie-Doodle (Propaganda - Canada)

Swing Cleaning

Sport Chumpions

Porky's Midnight Matinee

Farm Frolics

The Daffy Duckaroo

All This and Rabbit Stew

We, The Animals, Squeak!

Robinson Crusoe Jr.

Porky's Prize Pony

Porky's Preview

Porky's Pooch

Porky's Bear Facts

Porky's Ant

Notes to You

The Henpecked Duck

The Haunted Mouse

A Coy Decoy

Two For the Zoo

The Way of All Pests

Fox and Grapes

The Mad Scientist

Daffy's Southern Exposure

Gabby Goes Fishing

The Cuckoo IQ

Fire Cheese

It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day

The Carpenters

Rookie Revue

All's Well

The Great Cheese Mystery

Boogie-Doodle (Propaganda - Canada)

What Hitler Wants (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Beat the Fascist Pirates (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Strike the Enemy on the Front Lines and at Home (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

A Mighty Handshake (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Donald's Decision (Propaganda - Canada)

The Thrifty Pig (Propaganda - Canada)

Fascist Jackboots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

All Together (Propaganda - Canada)

Seven Wise Dwarfs (Propaganda - Canada)

Arichan the Ant/Alichan (Propaganda - Empire of Japan)

Pantry Panic

Hoola Boola (puppetoons)



The Ducktators (Propaganda - United States)

Woodsman Spare That Tree

Tollbridge Troubles

The Sheepish Wolf

Nutty News

Who's Who in the Zoo

Saps in Chaps

Porky's Pastry Pirates

Porky's Cafe

The Impatient Patient

Hobby Horse-Laffs

Gopher Goofy

Foney Fables

Eatin' on the Cuff

The Magnetic Telescope

Dustbin Parade (Propaganda - Britain)

Cinderella Goes to a Party

Any Bonds Today (Propaganda - United States)

Ding Dog Daddy

Wacky Blackout (Propaganda - United States)

The Wacky Wabbit

Woodman, Spare that Tree

A Hollywood Detour

The Dover Boys

Case of the Missing Hare

The Wabbit Who Came to Supper

Concerto in B Flat Minor

Song of Victory (Propaganda - United States)

A Tale of Two Kitties

Jasper and the Haunted House

Empty Rooms Mean Idle Machinery (Propaganda - Canada)

If (Propaganda - Canada)

Story of Wartime Controls (Propaganda - Canada)

Upa en Apuros/Upa in Trouble (Argentina)

Tulips Shall Grow

The New Spirit (Propaganda - United States)

Donald Gets Drafted (Propaganda - US Army)

All Out For V (Propaganda, United States)

Der Schneemann/The Snowman in July (Propaganda - Nazi Germany)

Il Dottor Churchkill (Propaganda - Fascist Italy)

Stop That Tank! (Propaganda - Canada)

Mr. Strauss Takes a Walk

Food Will Win the War (Propaganda - United States)

Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line (Propaganda - United States)

Four Methods of Flush Riveting (Propaganda - United States)



Education for Death (Propaganda - United States)

The Lonesome Mouse

Way Down Yonder in the Corn

Vitamin G Man

Tree for Two

Slay it with Flowers

Plenty Below Zero

Tokio Jokio (Propaganda - United States)

Puss 'n' Booty

A-hunting We Won't Go

Porky's Pig Feat

Point Rationing of Foods (Propaganda - United States)

Pigs in a Polka

An Itch in Time

Inki and the Minah Bird

Hop and Go

Verwittere Melodie/Weatherbeaten Melody (Propaganda - Nazi Germany)

Hochzeit im Korallenmeer/Wedding in a Coral Reef (Propaganda - Nazi Germany)

Flop Goes the Weasel

Falling Hare

Confusions of a Nutzy Spy


A Corny Concerto

Tin Pan Alley Cats

Yankee Doodle Daffy

Wackiki Wabbit

Hop and Go

Scrap Happy Daffy

Pigs in a Polka

Daffy the Commando (Propaganda - United States)

Fifth Column Mouse (Propaganda - United States)

The Rocky Road to Ruin

Armer Hansi/Poor Hans (Propaganda - Nazi Germany)

The Stolen Sun/Kradenoye Solntse (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Mr. Hook (Propaganda, US Navy):

Private Snafu (Propaganda - US Army):

What, No Beef? (Propaganda - Canada)

He Plants for Victory (Propaganda - Canada)

Buying Fever (Propaganda - Canada)

Rationing (Propaganda - Canada)

Curtailment of Civilian Industries (Propaganda - Canada)

Nutrition (Propaganda - Canada)

The Missus Beats Him to It (Propaganda - Canada)

Spirit of '43 (Propaganda - United States)

Momotarō's Sea Eagles (Propaganda - Empire of Japan)

Bury the Axis (Propaganda - Britain)

Fin 'n Catty

Reason and Emotion (Propaganda - United States)

The Grain That Built a Hemisphere  (Propaganda - United States)

The Winged Scourge (Propaganda - United States)

Defense Against Invasion (Propaganda - United States)

No Mutton fer Nuttin'

Der Fuehrer's Face (Propaganda - United States)


Lil' Abner:

Egg Yegg

Cilly Goose

The Dream Kids

Mr. Moocher

Be Patient, Patient

The Herring Murder Mystery

A Few Quick Facts (Propaganda - US Army):

Private Snafu (Propaganda - US Army):

Another Chance (Propaganda - United Nations)

Wolf! Wolf!

Providing Goods for You (Propaganda - Canada)

Mutual Aid (Propaganda - Canada)

A Rainy Day (Propaganda - Canada)

How Prices Could Rise (Propaganda - Canada)

Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors/Momotarō - Umi no Shinpei (Propaganda - Empire of Japan)

Nimbus Libéré (Propaganda - Vichy France)

Der Schneemann/Snowman in July (Propaganda - Nazi Germany)

Commando Duck (Propaganda - US Army)

Help Scotland's Harvest (Propaganda - Scotland)


Kuku Nuts

Treasure Jest

Phoney Baloney

A Few Quick Facts (Propaganda - US Army):

The Unruly Hare

Jerky Turkey

Carnival Courage

Private Snafu (Propaganda - US Army):

Mr. Hook (Propaganda - US Navy):

Private McGillicuddy/Commandments for Health (Propaganda - US Marines):

Cap'n Cub

Herr Meets Hare (Propaganda - United States)

Little Black Sambo

Price Control and Rationing (Propaganda - Canada)

Money, Goods and Prices (Propaganda - Canada)

Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors/Momotarō - Umi no Shinpei (Propaganda - Empire of Japan)

The Return of Mr. Hook (Propaganda - US Navy)

The Unseen Enemy (Propaganda - United States)

Swooning the Swooners

Il Duce Narrates/Ο Ντούτσε αφηγείται (Propaganda - Occupied Greece)

Six Little Jungle Boys (Propaganda - Britain)

The Friendly Ghost

The Big Flame Up

Jasper and the Beanstalk


Unsure Runts

Foxy Flatfoots

Flight Accidents

Mysto Fox

Cheese Burglar

Humpty Dumpty

Bargain Counter Attack

The Storybook Review

The Stupidstitious Cat

Sudden Fried Chicken

John Henry and the Inky-Poo

Planning for Good Eating (Propaganda - United States)

Sheep Shape

Modern Guide to Health (Propaganda - Britain)

The Talking Magpies

The Pawn Shop

Jasper's Derby


Swiss Tease

Crowing Pains

Tooth or Consequences

Up N' Atom

Boston Beanie

Cockatoos for Two

Kitty Caddy

Cad and Caddy

Naughty but Mice

Much Ado About Mutton

Tubby the Tuba

Film #1 - A Strange Dream

Film #2 - Message from the Sun

The WeeMen

The Mild West

Rhapsody in Wood


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Make Mine Freedom (Propaganda - Private)

Going Places (Propaganda - Private)

Pickled Puss

Butterscotch and Soda

There's Good Boos Tonight

Out again, In Again

Hector's Hectic Life

Little Gray Neck (Soviet Union)

Little Brown Jug

Film #3 - Interwoven

Mashenkin Kontsert/Masha's Concert (Propaganda - Soviet Union)


So Much for So Little (Propaganda - United States)

The Magic Fluke

Doggone Tired

Meet King Joe (Propaganda - Private)

The Coo-Coo Bird Dog

Grape Nutty

Why Play Leap Frog (Propaganda - Private)

Marriage Wows

Hep Cat Symphony

Film #4 - Fast Track

Stranger's Voice (Propaganda - Soviet Union)

Snow Foolin'